My name is Miroslav Vitula. I live in Brno, in the Czech republic.
I built my first slot racing car in 1973 and afterwards slot racing had become my major hobby. I cooperated with World Champion Michal Radkovic, I was honored to help him with the development of his slot racing chassis. My own company was established in 1991 after the fall of Iron curtain in East Europe. In 1992 I moulded my first spur gears 64 pitch 39 teeth followed by other 64, 80 and 72 pitch gears.

My products are used by many top racers, such as Antonin Vojtik, Janis Nabokins, Piero Castricone, Paolo Trigilio and many others. The spur gears 80 pitch 45 teeth and 80 pitch 43 teeth are world champions also my 3/32″ axles.